Course Summary

Master the challenging science and art of maneuvering and docking in close quarters, using time-tested best practices that give you full control, even in strong winds or currents.  Secure the boat safely with two people and one line in a wide range of conditions and docking scenarios.  Beginning to advanced - all boaters gain expert skills.

  1. Preparing the Boat: Docking lines, fenders and other preparations
  2. Line-Handling Basics: Controlling the boat at the dock
  3. Docking Approaches: the physics & geometry of maneuvering successfully into a slip in any conditions
  4. Judgment: Your most important skill in docking - and all aspects of boating
  5. Crew Coordination and Communication
  6. Midship Line Abreast: advantages and disadvantages of this common strategy
  7. Midship Line Sprung Aft:  the core strategy for most boats.
  8. Stern Line Sprung Aft:  the core strategy for some boats
  9. Close Quarters Maneuvering Strategies: drills & skills for controlling any boat
  10. Putting it All Together: core strategy docking drills
  11. Scenario & Solution: strong off-dock wind, leaving a slip without damaging your neighbor
  12. Tight Side-Tie Scenarios & Solutions: getting in & out without damage
  13. Scenario & Solution - How Not to Sasquatch: avoiding and recovering from the dreaded lee fairway
  14. Single-Handed Docking Strategies

Your Instructor

Captain Phyllis Woolwine

"Captain Wooly" is a master mariner with over 50 years of experience sailing, powerboating and kayaking in all parts of the Salish Sea, Inside Passage and SE Alaska. And as a professional educator with over 30 years teaching all kinds of adult and young adult learners, she knows how to ensure "no mariner left behind". Her effective instruction comes from both experience and deep educator training, including National Board Teacher Certification in Adolescent & Young Adult Science. A life-long learner, Phyllis's curriculum is continually improved and updated through ongoing professional development and best practices research. Captain Wooly has extensive experience training on sailboats and powerboats of all sizes and types, as well as kayaks.